Roark Plumbing

Roark Plumbing Inc. is a corporation formed in 1993, servicing in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota.

DETAILS Roark Plumbing is very serious about plumbing, quality and you the customer. We have a Master Plumbers License, Gas License and Pipe Fitters License. We have a staffed office to serve you, fully stocked vehicles, a parts warehouse and digital services. All of these componets are designed to offer you superior service.

STRATEGY After seven years as a small, high quality, plumbing service focused on the Minneapolis metropolitan area, Roark Plumbing is now preparing to become the first plumbing service to offer live video support, training and other complimentary advanced digital service. Through technology we will bring the community plumbing service to the 21st century. You will have an opportunity to get to know us, face to face, and we will be able to bring value beyond direct service – FOR FREE.

OPPORTUNITY Roark Plumbing is looking to expand to other communities around the Upper Midwest. Preliminary target cities include; Des Moines, Milwaukee, Quad Cities, and Indianapolis.

Core Values

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Specialist Skills

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Development 90%
Design 80%
Consulting 78%
Plumbing 82%

Meet The Team

Here at the Roark corporate offices we have full time employees and make use of qualified subcontractors on a rare occasion. You will find that our employees are very professional, clean, competent and honest. When a Roark plumber is engaged on your project you will find the experience comfortable and worthy of your needs.

Office Manager

Roark Plumbing, Inc. has a general manager who takes your calls, deals directly with you and coordinates the plumbers and you. This person is your contact point for scheduling, billing, support and follow-up. You will find the general manager to be friendly, helpful and committed to you receiving quality service.

To reach the GM, call our office number anytime.

The Plumbers

Our master plumbers are among the best available. You will be pleasantly surprised to find they are clean, honest, helpful and intelligent. The plumbers will always offer you up-front pricing that they will stick to and they will do their work quickly, accurately and cleanly. Our plumbers are committed to you receiving the highest value in plumbing available.

Our plumbers work for you!

General Labor

These people sometimes work directly with the plumbers, helping with things like removing and replacing concrete, moving appliances, repairing sheet rock, replacing tile and performing clean-up. On other occasions they fly solo.

You will find these people to be competent, clean and helpful. They like the secret word too.